IX International Conference
Amorphous&microcrystalline semiconductors
Ioffe Physical -Technical Institute
St. Petersburg, Russia
7-10 July, 2014

Dear Colleaques,
We are glad to inform you that the IX International Conference on Amorphous&Microcrystalline Semiconductors will take place at St.-Petersburg, Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute, 7 - 10 July, 2014.
This 8-th in the series of the Conferences that have already been held in St.-Petersburg. The conference will be devoted to the Amorphous and microcrystalline semiconductors and will review the advances in the various fields of applications.

The technical program will include the following sessions:

  • Amorphous hydrogenated silicon and silicon based alloys;

  • Glassy semiconductors, chalcogenides;
  • Organic polymers;
  • Micro- and nanocrystalline semiconductors and alloys;
  • Amorphous and diamond- like carbon films, C-based alloys;
  • Deposition and growth methods;
  • Doping and structure defects;
  • Low-temperature crystallization;
  • Structural, optical, electrical properties;
  • Photoconductivity and recombination;
  • Photo- and electroluminescence;
  • Technical Applications.

The official languages of the Conference will be English and Russian.

Abstracts of all accepted papers (oral and poster) will be published by the beginning of the Conference and provided to the participants during registration. It is planned that the best papers will be published with full text presentations in Semiconductors.

Important dates:

May, 16, 2014 -Deadline for submission of abstracts and registration form,
May, 30, 2014 - Final Programme.

Each abstract (1-2 pages) should be sent by electronic mail, as an attachment file.

Further information will only be sent to those returning a reply card, fax or e-mail message (see contact information).


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Abstract Information
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Organizing Committee

Evgeny Terukov (Ioffe Institute), Chair
phone: +7-812-292-71-73, e-mail: eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Konstantin Tsendin (Ioffe Institute), Co- Chair
phone: +7-812-292-79-82, e-mail: Tsendin@mail.ioffe.ru
Irina Trapeznikova (Ioffe Institute), Secretary
phone: +7-812-292-71-73, e-mail: ams2014@mail.ioffe.ru

Contact Information

For general Information and abstract submission please contact
Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute
26 Politechnicheskaya str.
E-mail: ams2014@mail.ioffe.ru
FAX: (812) 297-10-17
Irina Trapeznikova

Updated 14 февраля 2014