TM Department
Department of Theoretical Bases of Microelectronics
Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute

In 1988, simultaneously with foundation of the TM Department, the Solid State Physics Sub-faculty at the St. Petersburg State Technical University was also founded. Graduate and post-graduate students of this sub-faculty as well as those of Opto-Electronics Department at St. Petersburg State Electro-Technical University have been actively participating in the research carried out by the department staff.

Among the sector members there are four professors who give lectures at the State Technical and the State Electro-Technical Universities. The courses currently read are:
R. A. Suris Tunnel Phenomena in Solids

Yu. V. Trushin Introduction to Physical Material Science (on VI term on Solid State Physics chair),
Material Science (on VII-VIII terms on Solid State Physics chair),
Material Science: Solid State Physics (on VII term on Plasma Physics chair)

G. G. Zegrya Physics
Part 1. Classical Mechanics
Part 2. Special Relativity Theory
Part 3. Basics of General Relativity Theory

A. V. Bobyl Introduction to Technology
Modern Technology
Physics and Chemistry of the Planar Semiconductor Technology

All the courses are in Russian

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