2.1. 96-02-17952
2.2. Suris Robert Arnol'dovich
2.3. Theoretical investigations of the electronic and optical
     properties and the processes of growth of semiconductor
     heterostructures with quantum dots and strained quantum wells.
2.4. 1999
2.5. 1
2.6. In the framework of investigation of the processes of
     epitaxial growth and near-surface diffusion of atoms: 1) by the
     Monte-Carlo method, the influence of faceting of surfaces with
     the different tiltings on the coalescence of three-dimensional
     (3D) clusters - quantum dots (QDs) - and on their
     size-distribution function has been analysed; growth parameters
     providing formation of a surface with periodic structure are
     determined; 2) a physical model for the transition of the
     hexagonal structure of boron nitride into the cubic one has been
     developed; such a transition occurs during the growth of cubic
     boron nitride by means of deposition of the components onto the
     substrate; 3) a physical model for the evolution of the
     near-surface structure of SiC during the high-dose implantation
     by the ions of N and Al (aiming at the growth of quaternary
     alloy) has been developed.  4) formation of a strained nanoscale
     structure on a carbon surface by irradiation with high energy

     In the framework of investigation of the energy spectra and
     kinetic characteristics of carriers in low-dimensional
     structures: 1) A theory of Auger recombination (AR) in
     semiconductor quantum wells (QWs), including strained QWs, is
     developed. Temperature, strain, and QW parameter dependences of
     AR rate in QW are studied. Crossover between AR in QW and a bulk
     AR is found.  Phonon assistant AR in QW is also investigated.
     2) A method based on multiwave approach and the Kane model is
     developed for calculation of the energy spectra of carriers and
     exciton characteristics in QWs and QDs (including strained QWs
     and QDs).  3) A theory of a new effect, exciton-cyclotron
     resonance, is developed. Frequency and polarization dependences
     of the photoluminescence excitation spectrum in the vicinity of
     the resonance are found.  4) An intraband absorption by a free
     electron gas in QW due to electron-elctron interaction is
     investigated theoretically.  5) Wave functions for the carriers
     in 3D superlattices with QDs have been found for various
     orientations of the external electric field.  6) A numerical
     variational calculation of the ground state energy for the
     complex exciton+electron in a screened 2D QW is carried out.  7)
     A detailed theory of threshold currents of QD lasers is
     developed. The threshold current dependences on temperature,
     dispersion of QD size, and the heterostructure parameters are
     investigated. A theory of threshold currents of side mode
     generation in these lasers due to "spatial hole" burning is
     developed. The temperature and QD size dispersion dependences of
     the side mode generation threshold current are calculated.  8) A
     microscopic analysis of threshold characteristics of multi- QW
     laser on InGaN is performed. QW size and QW number dependences
     of these characteristics are calculated.

2.7. A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of 
     Russian Academy  of Sciences

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