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Prof. Dr. Sci.,
Trushin Yurii Vladimirovich

Yurii Vladimirovich Trushin was born in Leningrad on August 14, 1945. He graduated (1969) from the Chair of Theoretical Physics of Physics Department at the Leningrad State University. From 1969 he worked in the shipbulding Industry. From 1974 he has been a Member of the Scientific Staff of A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute. Simultaneously in 1972 - 1990 he was a Lecturer at the Leningrad Politekhnical Institute (TU), the Leningrad Technological Institute (TU) and the Leningrad Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics (TU). From 1991 Yu.V.Trushin is Full Professor of the Chair of Solid State Physics of the Physics and Technology Department at the St. Petersburg State Technical University.

He earned Scientific Degrees: PhD in Solid State Theory from the Department of Physics and Mechanics at the Leningrad Politekhnical Institute (TU) (1975) and Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the Moskow Institute of Electronic Engineering Industry (Moskow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, TU). From 1997 Yu.V.Trushin is the Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Nature Sciences. In 2001 has been elected a Academician of the Russian Academy of Nature Sciences.

Yu.V.Trushin published about 150 papers in Soviet, Russian and International Journals concerning the Theory of Radiation Processes in Solid States; Radiation Influence on Structeres and Propertis of Metals, Alloys, Heterostructeres, High-Temperatures Superconductors, Semiconductors; Physical Basis of Radiation Technologies

Yu.V.Trushin is the author and coauthor of books:

  1. Orlov A.N., Trushin Yu.V.
    Point Defect Energies in Metals. Moscow: Energoatomisdat, 1983 (in Russian)
  2. Kirsanov V.V., Suvorov A.L., Trushin Yu.V.
    Processes of Radiation Defect Formation in Metals. Moscow: Energoatomisdat, 1985 (in Russian)
  3. Trushin Yu.V. Theory of Radiation Processes in Metal Solid Solutions.
    New York, Nova Science Publishers Inc. 1996.
  4. Trushin Yu.V. Course of Physical Basis of Radiation Material Science. SPb TU, 1996 (in Russian)
  5. Trushin Yu.V. Physical Material Science. Textbook for Technical University. St.Petersburg: Nauka, 2000 (in Russian)
  6. Trushin Yu.V. Radiation processes in multicomponent materials (theory and computer modeling). SPb, Ioffe PhTI, 2002 (in Russian).

Yu.V.Trushin is the coauthor of 2 Invetions in Physical Material Science,
State Committee of Use of Atomic Energy on Radiation Damage in Materials Prize Laureate (1988),
Vice-president of Scientific Council of Russian Academie of Sciences "Radiation Physics of Solid State",
Chief-Secretary of SPb Department of Russian Academy of Nature Sciences,
Ordentliches Mitglied des Institutes fuer den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa (Wien, Austria),
Member of Editorial Advisory Board of Nova Science Publishers (New York, USA),
Member of editoral board of Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki,
Member of International Scientific Advisory Committee of conferences in Technical University since 2000.

Fields of his Research are:

Current positions:

Full Professor of the Chair of Solid State Physics of the Physics and Technology Department at the St. Petersburg State Technical University,
Main Scientist of the Microelectronics Theoretical Basis Laboratory at the A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute,
Leader of Group of the Theory and Computer Simulation of Radiation Defects and Processes in Multicomponent Materials.

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