EuroMBE 2017 homepage

The 19th European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy is organized by the Ioffe Insitute (St.Petersburg, Russia) and continues a series of the premier biannual meetings of the European MBE community. The workshop gets together prominent and young scientists from Europe and outside in warm and friendly atmosphere. It provides a unique opportunity for the presentation and open discussion of latest results on epitaxy of novel materials, nanostructures, and devices, new trends on MBE growth and modelling, and innovative technologies.

The workshop offers also an opportunity for companies to present new products and applications to the MBE community. The workshop program includes plenary talks, topical sessions with invited talks and oral presentations, as well as poster sessions.

The 19th edition follows the latest successful workshops held in:
L′Alpe d′Huez, France (2011), Levi, Finland (2013), and Canazei, Italy (2015).

Main scientific topics:

  • Epitaxy of conventional semiconductors (IV-IV, III-V, II-VI, IV-VI) and hybrid structures
  • Epitaxy of III-Nitrides (GaN, AlN, InN, BN)
  • Nanostructures (QDs, nanowires, site-controlled epitaxy, droplet epitaxy)
  • Novel III-V heterostructures including dilute nitrides, bismides, and topological insulators
  • Epitaxy of 2D materials
  • Epitaxy of oxides
  • Epitaxy of ferromagnetic and spintronic materials
  • Epitaxy of organic materials
  • Simulation, design, and theory of growth
  • Characterization of epitaxial structures
  • Epitaxy of device heterostructures (photovoltaics, electronics, and optoelectronics)
  • MBE production technology