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Conference Topics and Invited Speakers

An invited overview talk, accompanied by discussion, will be presented for each topic. The discussion will be followed by a poster session of contributed papers, related to the topic. Participants are encouraged to communicate with Invited Speakers to include their results in the overview talk/discussion.

1. Internal Transport Barriers: critical issues
  X.Litaudon, CEA, EU

2. Edge Transport Barriers: pedestal stability/dynamics and ELMs
  H.Wilson, UKAEA, EU

3. Transport Barriers in non-axisymmetric devices
  F.Wagner, IPP-Greifswald, EU

4. Transport Barrier theories
  P.Diamond, UCSD, US

5. Turbulence behaviour in the presence of Transport Barriers
  K.Burrell, GA, US

6. Improved Confinement projections/issues for burning devices
  A.Fukuyama, Kyoto Univ., JA