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Topic 1: "Internal Transport Barriers: critical issues"

Overview Speaker: X.Litaudon,
Abstract is available here.

Andreev"Peculiarity of heat transport nearby the q=1 magnetic surface in Ohmic regime"
Budny"Comparisons of gyrokinetic simulations with measurements of transport and density fluctuations in JT-60U plasma with box-type ITB"
Casper"Density and Temperature Profile Modifications with Electron Cyclotron Power Injection in Quiescent Double Barrier Discharges on DIII-D"
Doyle"Sustained High Beta Operation With Internal Transport Barriers on DIII-D"
Gohil"Control of Plasma Profiles in Advanced Tokamak Discharges in DIII-D"
Hayashi"Structural Mechanism of Strong Internal Transport Barrier in JT-60U Reversed-Shear Plasmas"
Kirneva"Magnetic Shear Effect on eITB Formation and Evolution in T-10 Experiments with ECRH"
Neudatchin"Common Features of Heat Pulse Propagation across Internal Transport Barriers in JT-60U, LHD and T-10"
Razumova"ITB and typical pattern of tokamak plasma confinement"
Sakamoto"Response of toroidal rotation velocity to electron cyclotron wave injection in JT-60U plasmas"
Sauter"Physics of steady-state electron internal transport barriers on TCV"
Sharpjonok"Measurements of fast hydrogen recycling processes in experiments on tokamak FT-2 by upgraded videocamera VSC-542"

Topic 2: "Edge Transport Barriers: pedestal stability/dynamics and ELMs"

Overview Speaker: H.Wilson,
Abstract is available here.

Askinazi"Radial electric field evolution in different modes of plasma confinement in the TUMAN-3M tokamak"
Bateman"Simulations of Pedestal Formation and ELM Cycles"
Biewer"Extension to Pedestal Scaling Studies on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak"
Bulanin"Plasma rotation evolution near the peripheral transport barrier in presence of low-frequency MHD bursts in TUMAN-3M tokamak"
Chang"An integrated particle simulation of edge pedestal dynamics and recent progress"
Eich"Analysis of type-I ELM dynamics from divertor and midplane measurements in ASDEX Upgrade"
Groebner"Comparison of H-mode Pedestals in Different Confinement Regimes in DIII-D"
Hubbard"Comparisons of Small ELM H-Mode Regimes on the Alcator C-Mod and JFT-2M Tokamaks"
Kamiya"Characterization of Type-I ELMs in tangential co-, balanced-, and counter- plus perpendicular NBI heated plasmas on JT-60U"
Kuznetsov"Effect of electrode biasing on plasma parameters in TCABR tokamak"
Leonard"Survey of Type I ELM Dynamics Measurements"
Martin"Third harmonic EC heating of ELMy H-mode in TCV"
Meyer"On the conditions for the edge transport barrier formation on MAST"
Moyer"Pedestal Fluctuation and Transport Changes During n=3 I-coil ELM Suppression"
Osborne"Edge Stability Analysis for I-Coil ELM Suppressed Discharges on DIII-D"
Oyama"Pedestal conditions for small ELM regimes in tokamaks"
Pankin"Computational Study of Edge Transport Barriers and ELMs in the H-mode Plasmas with Integrated Suite of Codes"
Pedersen"Biased-probe induced H-modes on the HBT-EP tokamak"
Sartori"Characterisation of the pedestal parameters of JET ELMy H-modes at high triangularity, high plasma current and high power"
Suttrop-1"The Quiescent H-mode regime in ASDEX Upgrade"
Suttrop-2"Investigations on the ELM cycle by local 3D perturbation experiments"
Thomas"The Effect of Plasma Collisionality on Pedestal Current Density Formation in DIII-D"
Urano"Impact of toroidal rotation on H-mode pedestal structure for variation in plasma geometrical configuration in JT-60U"
Watanabe"Radial Structure of Edge MHD modes in LHD Plasmas with L-H Transition"
Yoshida"Observations of the collapse and recovery of the temperature pedestal by using diagnostics with the fast temporal resolution in JT-60U"
Zeng"Effect of ELMs and ELM Suppression on Density Profiles in DIII-D"

Topic 3: "Transport Barriers in non-axisymmetric devices"

Overview Speaker: F.Wagner,
Abstract is available here.

Chechkin"Processes arising in the edge and diverted plasmas during ITB formation in the U-3M torsatron"
Fukuda"Comparative studies of electron transport barrier formation conditions in various toroidal confinement devices"
Ida"Transient transport analysis of improved confinement plasmas sustained by repetitive pellets in LHD"
Inagaki"Abrupt Reduction of Core Electron Heat Transport in Response to Edge Cooling on LHD"
Kitajima"Spontaneous L-H Transitions under Marginal Hot Cathode Biasing in the Tohoku University Heliac"
Minami"Pedestal Profiles and Formation Conditions for Edge Transport Barrier on CHS"
Morita"Characteristics of H-mode-like discharges and ELM activities under the presence of /2=1 surface at ergodic layer in LHD"
Takeuchi"Study of Edge Transport Barrier by Langmuir Probe in CHS"
Tanaka"Measurement of Fluctuations in the Supersonic Poloidal Flow Driven by a Hot Cathode"
Toi"Formation of Edge Transport Barrier in Ergodic Field Layer of Helical Diverter Configuration on the Large Helical Device"
Volkov"To the analysis of transport barrier formation in systems with helical symmetry"
Voronov"Modification of the Electron Temperature Profile in the L-2M Stellarator Depending on the Heating Power and Plasma Parameters"
Yoshinuma"Formation of Radial Electric Field Shear at the Boundary of Magnetic Island with Repetitive Pellet Injection in LHD"

Topic 4: "Transport Barrier theories"

Overview Speaker: P.Diamond,
Abstract is available here.

Dong"MHD flow layer formation at boundaries of magnetic islands in tokamak plasmas"
Kalupin-1"Predictive modelling of the ETB formation in limiter tokamak TEXTOR"
Kalupin-2"Modeling of H-mode plasmas including the edge transport barrier with the code RITM"
Kasuya"Time Evolution of Two-Dimensional Electric Field in Edge Transport Barriers on Tokamak L/H Transition"
Kiviniemi"Full f gyrokinetic simulation of ITB formation in FT-2 tokamak"
Kochergov"Simulation of MHD Instabilities Dynamics for a Tokamak Plasma"
Miyato"Nonlocal Behaviour of Zonal Flows in Tokamak Plasmas"
Rogister"Trapped electron instability, revisited"
Rognlien"Edge Radial Electric Field Generation and Dynamics in Tokamaks"
Rozhansky"Impact of geometrical factors on the L-H transition threshold"
Xu"Status of Continuum Edge Gyrokinetic Code Physics Development"

Topic 5: "Turbulence behaviour in the presence of Transport Barriers"

Overview Speaker: K.Burrell,
Abstract is available here.

Bush"Ohmic H-mode Dynamics and Turbulence in NSTX"
Fujisawa"Properties of turbulence and stationary zonal flow on transport barrier in CHS"
Gusakov"Investigation of ETG mode-scale component of tokamak plasma turbulence by correlative enhanced scattering diagnostics"
Hahm"Effects of Shear Flows on Turbulence Spreading"
Kouprienko"Effect of fast plasma current dynamics on energy confinement at FT-2 tokamak"
Lashkul"Suppression of the particle fluctuation-induced fluxes and spectral analyses of the plasma oscillations with ITB and ETB formation at FT-2 experiment"
Nagashima"Observation of coherent bicoherence and biphase in potential fluctuations around geodesic acoustic mode frequency on JFT-2M"
Scott"Gyrokinetic Study of the Edge Shear Layer"
Skvortsova"Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Turbulent Fluxes in Plasma of L-2M Stellarator and FT-2 Tokamak"
Takenaga"Temporal variation of density fluctuation and transport in reversed shear plasmas on JT-60U"
Tynan"Observation of Turbulent Driven Zonal Flow in a Cylindrical Plasma Device"
Yagi"Turbulence Spreading in the Presence of ITB"

Topic 6: "Improved Confinement projections/issues for burning devices"

Overview Speaker: A.Fukuyama,
Abstract is available here.

Hiwatari"H-mode operation space consistent with divertor condition in burning plasmas"
Kamada"Impact of the Edge Pedestal Characteristics on the Integrated Performance in Advanced Tokamak Operation Modes on JT-60U"
Kaye"The Role of Aspect Ratio and Beta in H-mode Confinement Scalings"
Mcdonald"The impact of error models on scalings from multi-machine H-mode Threshold experiments"
Onjun"Prediction of Ion and Electron Pedestal Temperatures in ITER"
Polevoi"ITER Plasma Performance Assessment on the Basis of Newly-proposed Scalings"
Takizuka"Origin of the various beta dependence of ELMy H-mode confinement properties"
Weisen"Scaling of density peaking in JET H-modes"