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Visa Information

Please fill-in the Application Form and send us a copy of the photo page(s) of your passport as soon as possible in order that we could apply for your Invitation in time.

Passport and visa

A foreigner who wants to visit the Russian Federation must have a valid passport (expire date should be not earlier than 6 months after the date of visitor's departure from Russia), an appropriate visa and documents for return or onward travel. To get a visa, a visitor has to submit visa application and either official Letter of Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation to a Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence.

  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will supply the participants of the 10th IAEA TM with Letters of Invitation authorized by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and valid for business visas. LOC will send you a copy of Letter of Invitation by fax and the original by mail.

  • Alternatively, you may apply for tourist visa by virtue of Voucher for Accommodation. In case you make the hotel reservation via LOC (hotel "Moscow"), the LOC can send you the Voucher for Accommodation.

  • You can also apply for Letter of Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation and find all the information about visas to Russia on website: www.visatorussiaonline.com.

  • In most countries your visa may be issued by virtue of fax copy of Letter of Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation but we recommend you to check with the local Russian Consular office if you need the original.

    Each foreign participant (and accompanying person) will get a Letter of Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation in hotel "Moscow" if he (she) fills-in the relevant fields of the Application Form and sends a copy of the photo page(s) of your passport with the identification information (Name, Passport #, issue/expire dates, date/place of birth, citizenship) to the Organizing Committee by e-mail (h-mode-tm@mail.ioffe.ru) as graphic file(s) (*.jpg, *.pdf, *.gif).

    To get your Letter of Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation in time the Application Form should be submitted to LOC by June 25, 2005.

    Participants are strongly advised to follow the above recommendations and to apply for a visa immediately after receiving the Invitation or Voucher for Accommodation to ensure that the visa is issued timely.


    All foreigners are given migration cards upon their arrival to Russia. The card is divided into two identical parts. Part A of the migration card will be taken by passport control upon arrival, and part B will be taken when leaving the country. Part B should have a visa registration stamp. Russian law requires that you register your visa within 3 working days of your arrival in Russia. This registration is normally done at your hotel. This is important, and fines are levied by policemen conducting a document check on streets or at passport control when leaving the country.