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Personal publication lists provided by NASA ADS

Beginning from 1970, latest 300 publications

Please note that due to authors bearing the same name the generated lists may contain unnecessary references. Consider the generated lists carefully.

Bogomolov E.A.
Bykov A.M.
Kholupenko E.E.
Krassilchtchikov A.M.
Kropotina J.A.
Nesterenok A.V.
Nikulin V.K.
Osipov S.M.
Petrov A.E.
Romansky V.I.
Usoskin I.G.
Uvarov Yu.A.
Vasilyev G.I.

Summaries of some theses defended by lab's members (in Russian):
PhD thesis of Yu.A. Uvarov (1999)
PhD thesis of A.M. Krassilchtchikov (2006)
PhD thesis of E.E. Kholupenko (2008)
PhD thesis of S.M. Osipov (2009)
PhD thesis of P.E. Gladilin (2013)

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