Visa support

According to present–day regulations, each foreigner travelling to Russia must have a passport valid for at least 3 months after the date of foreigner's departure from Russia and obtain appropriate visa.

Each participant (and accompanying person) will be provided by Monomax with visa support papers required for visa application at a Russian Consulate or Embassy:

  • hotel voucher, visa invitation and confirmation of the hotel reservation
    for tourist visa
  • official letter of invitation for business visa

(Given the nature of the meeting, a tourist visa is recommended for all foreign participants.)

Each person has to apply for visa in his/her home country. Visa formalities vary between countries and can take more than two weeks.

Participants who decide to make their own travel arrangements (e.g., those who have made their own hotel reservation) still need a tourist visa invitation. According to the Russian regulations, visa support papers should be provided by a hotel.

In case of any problems, please, send a copy of the hotel confirmation by e-mail to to be provided with visa support.

Participants who are planning to stay with friends, should be provided with private invitation by their friends.

Participants are responsible for completing all the legal formalities regarding their visas prior to entering the Russian Federation.

Visa requirements: general information

In most countries, online application forms are mandatory for a visa request. However, procedures and fees may vary between different countries. In some countries, two passport photos, proof of purchase of a personal travel/health insurance and details of a return air ticket may be required at the time of application. The participants are recommended to address a Russian consulate in advance and obtain more specific information about the current requirements. It is absolutely necessary to find out whether the consulate accepts a fax or electronic copy (pdf) of the invitation, or it is necessary to submit the original papers. If the originals are required, all the visa support documents will be sent by express mail (the fees are given below).
Visa invitation type Price, RUR Comments
Tourist (fax copy) 0 -
Tourist (original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses) 3000 Period of delivery: 3-4 days
Business visa invitation (original business visa invitation + express mail expenses) 4500 Period of issue and delivery: 45 days

Migration card

All foreign citizens arriving in Russia have to complete a migration card while passing the customs. Migration cards are to foreigners before they cross the boarder (in airplane, train etc). The card should be filled in carefully and kept safe until a foreigner leaves the country.

Requesting a tourist visa invitation

A tourist visa invitation is provided for the duration of the Conference, but for not more than 15 days. The tourist visa allows participants to attend the main Conference events, including pre- or post-conference tours and holidays. The deadline for making a request for tourist visa invitation is July 10, 2009.

The On-Line Registration (Visa Support section) should be used to submit a request for a tourist visa invitation. This request should be filled when making reservation for the hotel accommodation.

Visa support documents will be issued based on the personal information submitted by each participant and accompanying person during the registration.

The information should be checked to avoid errors. It should be noted that Monomax will issue a tourist visa invitation only after a hotel accommodation payment is made.

Important notice: It is necessary to make sure that all the information shown in the invitation is correct immediately upon receipt. A Monomax representative is to be contacted if any mistake is found.

Data necessary for filling-in an application form online or at a Russian consulate.

  1. Formal invitation sender (organization): Monomax PCO.
  2. MFA reference number of Monomax: 0841
    Address: room #25, accom.2, 35a, Bykova str., Pavlovo, Vsevolozhsky district, Leningradsky region 188680 Russia.
    Major Office Address: 2, Sestroretskaya str., St. Petersburg 197183 Russia
    Tel: +7 812 335-2055
  3. Reason for visit to Russia: Tourism
    No other purpose of visit is to be stated when applying for a tourist visa.
    If a participant has already applied for a previous tourist visa, it should be recalled that the tourist visa cannot be extended and an application for a new one should be made.
  4. Russian department or organisation to be visited: NO ORGANISATIONS TO BE VISITED
  5. Name and reference number of the tourist group: Individual trip
  6. Hotel: the hotel name provided in the tourist visa voucher from Monomax.
    It should be noted that, in order to obtain a visa, the applicant's passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the proposed date of departure.

If having any questions when filling in the form, the participants should not hesitate to contact Monomax.

Requesting a business visa invitation

Deadline for making a request for business visa invitation is May 22, 2009.

The request for business visa application form should be sent to

Registration upon arrival in the Russian Federation

Russian regulations require that foreigners staying more than 3 days on the territory of the Russian Federation should register within first 3 working days after crossing the border. All the responsibilities for the registration are taken by the receiving hotel. A fee of RUR 150 per person is the charge for the period of stay. This amount is to be paid by the guest directly at the hotel check-in desk upon arrival. A person is liable for an additional fee of RUR 150 if his/her stay at the hotel is extended beyond the period specified during the online registration.

If having any questions or need for organizers' assistance, a participant should not hesitate to contact the organizers at When doing so, it is necessary to provide participant's login ID number.

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