Student campus accommodation

There will be an accommodation option in a student campus, at least we expect it to be. The problem is that, in contrast to regular hotels, campus does not make reservations. We have a preliminary agreement with the campus management that they receive a number of our participants at a really low price of some 20-30 euros, or even lower (per night per person, in double or triple rooms, probably sharing one toilet for 2 rooms), may be also with a registration charge of 10-15 euros at check-in. But the exact conditions are not settled yet.
They accept cash payment in situ only.

Only rooms for 4 people are now available, with shared toilets and shower cabins.

The hotel booking is directly connected with the visa invitation matters. Normally a proof of fully prepaid hotel is suitable for the purpose. But as you see, with the campus it is not the case. So if you want to select this option, please make an individual inquiry to the organizing committee by email.