Social Program

Welcome Party

Participants and accompanying persons are cordially invited to theWelcome Party taking place on board on Sunday evening, June 24, at 19:00.


Sightseeing Tour of the Kazan Kremlin • Tuesday, June 26, 17:30

The Kazan fort is the birthplace of Kazan and the only in the world Tatar fort remaining without considerable changes since the MiddleAges till today. It is here where visitors can see the fruitful synthesis of the Tatar and Russian architecture, a kind of fusion of the Western and Eastern cultures, a combination of Muslim and Christian traditions. There are monuments of the 16–20th centuries in the Kremlin area among them the Savior Tower, the building of consistory, the riding house, the Suyumbika Tower that belongs to the number of 40 leaning towers of the world, the khans' burial place, the President Palace, the art gallery, the Tainitsky (Secret) Tower, the monument for the architects, the complex of the so-called offices-building etc.

Sightseeing Tour of Saratov • Thursday, June 28, 18:50

The participants will be able to see main landmarks of Saratov, Saratov Victory Park among them. It is one of the numerous places in Russia dedicated to those who suffered and perished from this earth in the World War II. Victory Parks is located at the top of a hill overlooking the city of Saratov. One can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city from this point. The entire park is built to commemorate about 177,00 saratovites who died inWorldWar II. At the top of the hill there is a large memorial 40-meter-high that reaches into the sky. It depicts large cranes. There is also the Museum of Victory displaying some equipment used inWorldWar II.

Symposium Dinner

The Symposium Dinner will be held on board on Friday, June 29, at 20:00.

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