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The Shaped Crystals Physics Laboratory is headed by Doctor of Sciences, prof. Vladimir.I. Nikolaev
The sta
ff of the laboratory consists of 32 co-workers including 6 Doctors of Sciences and 15 Ph.D.

The main goal of the laboratory is investigating amd developing processes of growing shaped crystals and products from the melt and from the solution in the melt, the sstudy of elasticity and micro- and macro plasticity of crystals.
The promotion of new developments to the industry is also very important direction of the laboratory activities.



Main Research Groups:




  • Shaped Metalic Instalation Growth (V. Peller, Chief Engineer B. Korchunov, Ph. D., V. Fedorov, Ph. D.)



  • Crystal Growth from High Temperature Solution
    (V. Gurin, Dr. of Sci.)


  • Elasticity and anelastisity of Crystals.
    (S. Nikanorov, Dr. of Sci.)  


  • Plasticity of Crystals
    (O. Klyavin, Dr. of Sci.)


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