AlGaAs - Aluminium Gallium Arsenide

Thermal properties

Bulk modulus (7.55+0.26x)·1011 dyn cm-2
Melting point 1240-58x+558x2 °C (solidus curve)
12401082x+582x2 °C (liquidus curve)
Specific heat 0.33+0.12x J g-1°C -1
Thermal conductivity 0.55-2.12x+2.48x2 W cm-1 °C -1
Thermal diffusivity 0.31-1.23x+1.462 cm2s-1
Thermal expansion, linear (5.73-0.53x)·10-6 °C -1

Thermal resistivity versus Al fraction x. 300K.
Solid curve is a theoretical fit to the experimental data.
(Afromowitz [1973]).

Approximate formula for the lattice thermal resistivity:

Rth=2.27+28.83x-30x2 cm··W-1
Temperature dependences of specific heat at constant pressure.
1. GaAs (Lichter and Sommelet [1969]);
2. AlAs (Barin et al. [1977]).
Lattice constant as a function of x. 300K.
(Adachi [1985]).
Lattice constants versus temperature.
1. AlAs;
2. GaAs;
(Ettenberg and Paff [1970]).
Debye temperature as a function of x for three different temperatures.
(Adachi [1985]).

Melting point:

      Tm=1240-58x+558x2 °C - (solidus curve)
      Tm=1240+1082x-582x2 °C (liquidus curve)