C - Diamond

Thermal properties

Melting point (at pressure p=125kbar) 4373 °C
Specific heat 0.52 J g-1 °C-1
Thermal conductivity 6-20 W cm-1 °C-1
Thermal diffusivity 3-11 cm2/s
Thermal expansion, linear 0.8·10-6 °C-1

Thermal conductivity versus temperature for different diamond types (low temperatures)
solid triangle, open circle, solid circle - Type Ia (three different specimens); open triangle, open square, solid square - Type IIb
(Berman et ai [1975]).
Thermal conductivity versus temperature (high temperatures).
solid circle, open square - Type Ia ; x -Type Ib; diamond -Type IIa; + - Type IIb
(Burgemeister [1978]).
Thermal conductivity versus nitrogen concentration, 320 K.
Measurements of various authors (Burgemeister [1978]).
Specific heat Cp versus temperature
from 20 K to 300 K (DeSorbo [1953])
and Cp and Cv from 273 K to 1073 K (Viktor [1962]).
Temperature dependence of linear expansion coefficient α.
(Slack and Batram [1975]).