InSb - Indium Antimonide

Band structure and carrier concentration

Basic Parameters
Temperature Dependences
Dependence of the Energy Gap on Hydrostatic Pressure
Effective Masses
Donors and Acceptors

Basic Parameters

Energy gap 0.17 eV
Energy separation (EΓL) between Γ and L valleys 0.51 eV
Energy separation (EΓX) between Γ and X valleys 0.83 eV
Energy spin-orbital splitting 0.80 eV
Intrinsic carrier concentration 2·1016 cm-3
Intrinsic resistivity 4·10-3 Ω·cm
Effective conduction band density of states 4.2·1016 cm-3
Effective valence band density of states 7.3·1018 cm-3

Band structure and carrier concentration of InSb 300 K
Eg = 0.17 eV
EL = 0.68 eV
EX= 1.0 eV
Eso = 0.8 eV

Temperature Dependences

Temperature dependence of the energy gap

Eg = 0.24 - 6·10-4·T2/(T+500) (eV),
where T is temperatures in degrees K (0 < T < 300).
(Litter and Seiger [1985]).

Effective density of states in the conduction band

Nc~ 8·1012·T3/2 (cm-3)

Effective density of states in the valence band

Nn ~ 1.4·1015·T3/2 (cm-3).

Intrinsic Carrier Concentration

ni = (Nc·Nν)1/2exp(-Eg/(2kbT))
For 200K < T < 800 K ni = 2.9·1011(2400 - T)3/4 ·(1+2.7·10-4·T)·T3/2 ·exp(-(0.129 - 1.5·10-4T)/(2kbT)) (cm-3)
(Oszwaldowski and Zimpel [1988]).
The temperature dependences of the intrinsic carrier concentration.
Fermi level versus temperature for different concentrations of shallow donors and acceptors.

Dependences on Hydrostatic Pressure

Eg≈Eg(0) + 13.7·10-3P - 3.6·10-5P2 (eV)
EL≈EL(0) + 4.7·10-3P - 1.1·10-5P2 (eV)
EX≈EX(0) - 3.5·10-3P + 0.64·10-5P2 (eV),
where P is pressure in kbar.
(Van Camp et al. [1990]).

Effective Masses

For Γ-valley mΓ = 0.0.14mo
E(1+αE) = h2k2/(2mΓ)
α = 4.1 (eV-1)
In the L-valley effective mass of density of states mL=0.25mo

Electron effective mass versus electron concentration
(Zawadzki [1974]).

Holes: mh = 0.43mo
mh = 0.43mo
mlp = 0.015mo
Split-off band
mso = 0.19mo
Effective mass of density of states
mv = 0.43mo

Donors and Acceptors

Ionization energies of shallow donors ~0.0007 (eV):

Se, S, Te.

Ionization energies of shallow acceptors (eV):

Cd Zn Cr Cu° Cu-
0.01 0.01 0.07 0.028 0.056