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New Semiconductor Materials. Characteristics and Properties


These electronic archive contains frequently needed information for the most important Semiconductor Materials. We have also included basic references where one can find additional information if required. In compiling this information, we took advantage of generous help from many colleagues at the A.F.Ioffe Institute who made many excellent suggestions, and, in some cases, provided us with more accurate values of material parameters. The Auger recombination coefficients for semiconductor heterostructures are developed and computed by George Zegrya, Natalia Gunko and Anatolii Polkovnikov. The archive is under construction and in this version we present only a part of the data we have computed. We plan to place more data in the archive later.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please contact Vadim Siklitsky or Alexei Tolmatchev. If you find this server helpful, and use the data retrieved through the server for your research, we would appreciate acknowledging it in your papers.

Physical Properties of Semiconductors

Auger recombination

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