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04.07.20101st International Conference on Materials for Energy


                              Семинары и конференции

                         Seminars and conferences


+- 1st International Conference on Materials for Energy


      From: 2010-07-04 Through: 2010-07-08

      Location: Convention Center Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe, Germany

      Contact: Claudia Martz http://events.dechema.de/en/contact-receiver-martz.html

               Ph: +49 69-7564-129, FAX: +49 69-7564-176

      Abstract Due Date: January 11, 2010

      Website: http://www.dechema.de/EnMat2010

      Info Last Updated: 2010-01-01


An international conference to exchange and discuss the materials needed for our energy future. From microstructural characterization to fundamental mechanisms, from photovoltaics to fusion reactors, this conference will provide a forum for scientists from around the world to present and discuss their current research and new research directions. Clustered focused sessions will enable identification of common themes. Keynote lectures will summarize the current state of knowledge and the materials challenges. Ample time will be left for discussion to probe and define the next energy research frontiers, in particular with reference to the many different international energy funding initiatives.

Topics include: Energy Conversion, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, Frontiers in Materials Science