Physics of Neutron Stars-99
St. Petersburg, Russia, May 25 -- 26, 1999

Organizied by the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute
in collaboration with
the All-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicists (ASA)

Second Announcement

The Colloquium will be held at the Big Hall of the Main Building of the Ioffe Institute (Politekhnicheskaya 26). To reach the Ioffe Institute from the Moscow Railway Station, please take the metro to the station Lesnaya, then nonstop free-of-charge bus No. 80 to the metro station Ploschad Muzhestva (5 minute drive), and then one stop (any tram or trolley bus) to the stop Politekhnicheskaya. The sessions will include a few review talks (25--35 minutes) and contributed talks (10--15 minutes). A separate poster session will be arranged. A tentative list of contributions accepted by the Organizing Committee is given below (with tentative status of contributions and durations of talks). The final programme will be presented in the Third Announcement to be distributed not later than on May 20.

The information on the Colloquium can be retrieved via internet from ann1.html

The colloquium received modest financial support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Researches and the Federal Programme "INTEGRATION". It will be spent to support participants registered in accord with The First Announcement in the following way. The Organizing Committee will cover the hotel expenses for a period not larger than 3 days including two conference days. The travel expenses of participants from Moscow will be covered from the funds of the Federal Programme "INTEGRATION". The travel expenses of other participants will be covered (at least partly) by the Organizing Committee on the second colloquium day, May 26. The registration fee will be 30 roubles to be spent for coffee breaks.

The participants will be accommodated at the Hotel Orbita, prospekt Nepokorennykh 4, one tram stop from the Ioffe Institute. To reach the hotel from the Moscow Railway Station, please use the metro to the station Lesnaya, and then nonstop free-of-charge bus No. 80 to the metro station Ploschad Muzhestva (5 minute drive).

The participants are kindly requested to confirm their participation by sending an e-mail message to by May 17. The hotel reservations will be made only for confirmed participants.

The end of May is traditionally the best period in St.-Petersburg. ``White nights'' are coming with their semidarkness magic. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy them as well as the magics of the neutron star physics.

A tentative list of contributions.

Welcome to St. Petersburg!

Created: May 12 1999
Last revised: May 15 1999