General notes

Mathematical functions

n-th power of x: xn = pow(x,n)

Exponent of x (x-th power of e): ex= exp(x)

Sine, cosine, tangent of x: sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)

Natural logarithm: ln x=log(x)

Equation root search

Maximal iteration number is 10000.

Table of function values

Maximal out point number is 2000.

Integration of functions

Maximal integration point number is 5000.

Predefined variables

All values of physical constants are CGS-values

Gravitation constant: Grav_const
Planck constant with bar: Planck_bar
Speed of light: light_speed
π: pi
Mass of electron: electron_mass
Mass of proton: proton_mass
Charge of electron: elementary_charge
Boltzmann constant: Boltzmann_const
Fine structure constant: alpha_fine
Rydberg constant in ergs: Rydberg_erg
Stefan-Boltzmann constant: Stefan_Boltzmann_const
Thomson scatterng cross section: Thomson_cross_section
Bohr radius: Bohr_radius