High Energy Astrophysics Group

Department of Theoretical Astrophysics

Who we are

Leading Scientists
Andrey Bykov byk@astro.ioffe.ru
Yury Uvarov uv@astro.ioffe.ru
Alexandre Krassilchtchikov kra@astro.ioffe.ru
Junior researchers
Maxim Gustov max@astro.ioffe.ru
our photo

From the left to right: Maxim Gustov, Andrey Bykov, Alexandre Krassilchtchikov, Yury Uvarov.

What we do

We are studying various high energy processes in astrophysics. Among them are: electrons and nuclei acceleration on shock waves and subsequent emission with applications to interplanetary medium, supernova remnants, high velocity clouds and cosmic rays; nuclei line emission; accretion to neutron stars, star formation regions.

Visit our Seminars

We are glad to present our results of the observation of gamma-Cygni SNR by INTEGRAL space observatory together with the model of the nonthermal emission from SNRs presented on the Odessa Memorial Gamow's Conference, Odessa, Ukraine, August 2005.
Here we present results of the INTEGRAL observations of NGC 6334 star formation region together with the model of magnetic field generation in supernova remnants ("Generation of Magnetic Fluctuations near a Shock Front in a Partialy Ionized medium",A.M. Bykov, I.N.Toptygin, Astronomy Letters, v. 31, no. 11, pp. 748-754, 2005).
blue_ball.gif New!      Our recent report (in Russian) on variations of 3-10 keV X-ray emission in the shell of the galactic remnant Cas A can be viewed here.
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