Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars - 2011
July 11-15, 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia


Please find below the information which can be useful if you need a hotel.

  1. A block of 40 rooms is reserved in two Guest Houses ("Old" and "New" Guest Houses) of the Saint-Petersburg Academic University — Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ulitsa Khlopina [Khlopin Street], 8/3, St. Petersburg; phone [+7 812] 534 5850).

    Both Guest Houses are built in the conference building; the place is near the park of St. Petersburg Polytechnical State University; 8 minute walks to either of two metro stations (Plostchad Muzhestva and Polytekhincheskaya) and to Ioffe Institute (see section Venue for details and maps). No breakfast, but small kitchens for cooking and a few caffés around.

  2. A block of 80 rooms is reserved in the Orbita Hotel [link in Russian] (Prospekt Nepokorennykh, 4; phone [+7 812] 297 8650, or 313 1075), 5 minute walk from Plostchad Muzhestva Metro Station; 12 minute walk to the conference place.

  3. LOC expects to find a limited financial support for covering living expenses of some Russian participants in low-price suits (for conference days only).

  4. Those who would like to stay in a Guest House or Orbita Hotel please inform us by e-mail ( before June 19, 2011.

  5. If you would prefer another accomodation, you can easily find plenty of hotels in different parts of St. Petersburg through Internet and book your suits by yourselves. For instance, you can book a room in an hotel at the site

Provisional prices

Prices, per night (actual prices for summer period can be somewhat higher than those indicated currently for winter-spring period), in Russian roubles [RUR] (currently, 1 USD ∼ 30 RUR, and 1 EUR ∼ 40 RUR).

Room type Price
of suits
"Old" Guest House
Single room: 700 3
Double room: 1100 5
Room for three persons: 1500 3
Luxe: 2500 3
"New" Guest House
Single room: 1500 5
Double room: 1500 19
(listed prices are without breakfast; 1 breakfast is 200 RUR)
Low-price suits
Single room: 1900
Double room: 2100
Room for three persons: 3500
Room for four persons: 4100
Higher-price (renovated) suits
Single room: 3300
Double room: 3300
Room for three persons: 5000
Room for four persons: 5600

Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

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