Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars - 2011
July 11-15, 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia

First announcement

The conference on the Physics of Neutron Stars will take place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on July 11-15, 2011. It is the 9th conference in a series of similar successful conferences at the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute. The previous conferences were Russian events with participation of some foreign scientists. This conference is international; the working language is English.

The topics include rotation powered pulsars, pulsar emission mechanisms, pulsar wind nebulae, magnetars, isolated neutron stars, central compact objects, accreting X-ray pulsars (including millisecond pulsars), neutron stars in low-mass X- ray binaries, X-ray bursts, equation of state, structure and evolution of neutron stars, mechanisms of supernova explosions.

Sessions will include invited and contributed talks; also, there will be a poster session.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):
Juri Poutanen (University of Oulu, Finland), co-chair
Dmitry Yakovlev (Ioffe Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia), co-chair
Vasily Beskin (Lebedev Physical Inst., Moscow, Russia),
Vicky Kaspi (McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada),
Pawel Haensel (CAMK, Warsaw, Poland),
George Pavlov (Penn State Univ., University Park, USA),
Chris Pethick (NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark),
Michiel van der Klis (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands),

Lists of LOC members and invited speakers, as well as some other information can be found at the conference web site

Registration and abstract submission are now open through Internet at the conference web site. The deadline is March 15, 2011.

Because of technical reasons, the number of participants is limited to 150. Applications will be selected by SOC. The list of accepted contributions will be posted at the conference web site by April 1.(has been posted on April 7)

Registration fee is basically 200 Euros (100 Euros for graduate and undegraduate students); see section "Fees" for details.

We look forward to an enjoyable neutron star week in Saint-Petersburg. The conference takes place during the most spectacular time of the year, white nights.

Saint-Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its renowned Hermitage, St. Isaac Cathedral, numerous palaces, bridges over the Neva river, ballet and theatres.

Telephone number: +7 812 292 7180

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

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