Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars – 2014
commemorating the 100th birthday of Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich

July 28 — August 1, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia

Cultural program

Dear participants of the conference!

Please, continue pre-registering for the conference cultural program and pay for your participation in it by July 10, 2014. The payment can be made via a credit card at (select Culture program in the menu on the left and then select the desired option). We are glad to confirm that all 5 options are available and the price remains as announced.

During the conference we plan to organise a number of social and cultural activities for participants and their accompanying persons. The activities include guided tours of St.Petersburg and suburbs, Peterhof and Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo), guided visits to the famous museums (the Hermitage museum and the Catherine palace), a boat trip, hydrofoil rides and a restaurant dinner. The dinner should not be confused with the conference banquet, which will be free and will take place on a different day.

We are pleased to offer our guests ONE of the following 5 options:

  1. Excursion to Peterhof + 2 hydrofoil rides + tour of the Hermitage museum (2800 rubles)
  2. Option 1 + dinner in a restaurant (3900 rubles)
  3. Excursion to Pushkin + tour of the Catherine palace + boat trip along rivers and channels of St.Petersburg (1800 rubles)
  4. Option 3 + dinner in a restaurant (2900 rubles)
  5. Dinner in a restaurant (1100 rubles)
Please find detailed descriptions of these options at the end of the announcement. All events will be held on July 30, 2014. The participation in the events has to be pre-registered and prepaid by July 10, 2014.

If you wish to participate in any of these events, please:

  1. Send an e-mail to with the subject EXCURSION and the following information:
    a) the option number (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
    b) the number of persons (1 person, 2 persons, etc).
  2. Prepay your participation by July 10, 2014. Payment instructions are given above.

Event description:

Option 1: Peterhof + Hermitage, 14:00 -- 20:30 Option 2 includes Option 1 + bus transfer to the restaurant + dinner (21:00-24:00) + bus transfer to the Orbita hotel.

Option 3: Pushkin + rivers and channels of St.Petersburg, 14:00 -- 20:30

Option 4 includes Option 3 + bus transfer to the restaurant + dinner (21:00-23:00) + bus transfer to the Orbita hotel

Option 5: Dinner (21:00 -- 23:00).

With best regards, LOC

PS: If you choose an option with the dinner, please inform us in case you require a special diet.

Last update: July 1, 2014.