Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars – 2014
commemorating the 100th birthday of Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich

July 28 — August 1, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia

Organizational fee

Participants will be able to pay the fee using a credit card or a bank transfer (international or domestic). Detailed instructions will be provided at this site later. We will also accept cash during the conference.

The fee will be:

Beginning on July, 15 2014, the fee will increase:

The latter rates apply also to cash payments at the conference.

The organizational fee includes welcome party, conference dinner, coffee breaks, lunches from Monday through Friday, and participant toolkit.

The fees are collected by the official conference operator CTO Congress, using an online payment system. In this system it is possible either to make a payment by a credit card or generate a pdf invoice for a bank transfer (national or international).

If you want to pay by a credit card, please, use the currency selector to select RUB (Ruble). (If your credit card is issued in another currency, your credit card company will take care of the currency conversion process.)

If you want to pay by a bank transfer, you can use the currency selector to select Rubles (for transfers within Russia), Euros or US Dollars (for international bank transfers). Our system will make a currency conversion for you, and you will be able to generate the pdf invoice. You have to pay the amount shown in the invoice within two days from the invoice generation date. Please, keep in mind, that any fees, associated with the bank transfer, must be covered by yourself. The organizing committee will not accept a transfer, if the amount actually transferred to our account is smaller than the amount shown in the invoice.

To start the payment process, please click on the button below.


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