Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars – 2014
commemorating the 100th birthday of Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich

July 28 — August 1, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia

List of talks

(oral presentations selected by the Scientific Orginizing Committee)

Speaker Title
Danai Antonopoulou   Neutron star glitches: is there a minimum size?
Prakash Arumugasamy   X-ray timing and spectral analysis of the old gamma-ray pulsar J1836+5925
Arash Bahramian   Discovery of the third transient X-ray binary in the galactic globular cluster Terzan 5
Vasily Beskin   Radio pulsars – thirty years after
Anna Bilous   LOFAR's view on PSR B0943+10
Niccolo Bucciantini   Modeling magnetized neutron stars in General Relativity
Andrey Chugunov   "Hot widows"/HOFNARs: New possible class of rapidly rotating neutron stars
Andrey Danilenko   The first Fermi pulsar with an X-ray spectral feature
Evgeny Derishev   Pair production feedback in pulsar - massive star binaries
Elise Egron   Spectral analysis of the double pulsar PSR J0737-3039 with XMM-Newton
Carlo Ferrigno   IGR J18245-2452: the first pulsar swinging between rotation and accretion powered emission
Morgane Fortin   Thermal evolution of neutron stars with an hyperonic equation of state
Marat Gilfanov   Accretion disk boundary layers around neutron stars.
Sergei Grebenev   New populations of high mass X-ray binaries with neutron stars
Mira Grudzinska   Modeling of spectra from TeV binaries with pulsars
Romain Hascoet   X-ray emission mechanisms in magnetars
Willem Hermsen   Simultaneous XMM-Newton radio observations of the mode-switching radio pulsar PSR B1822-09
Andrei Igoshev   Comprehensive analysis of pulsars velocity distribution
Nazar Ikhsanov   A new look at the Anomalous X-ray Pulsars
Aleksandr Kaminker   Thermal emission of neutron stars with internal heaters
Sushan Konar   AMXP to MSRP: Transition (mis-)understood?
Vladislav Kondratiev   Millisecond pulsars at low frequencies with LOFAR
Aleksandr Kuranov   Modeling the luminosity function of galactic low-mass X-ray binaries
Bennett Link   Constraining the origin of magnetar flares
Donald Melrose   Quadrupolar model for giant bursts on SGRs
Roberto Mignani   Pulsar polarimetry
Joseph Mitchell   Search for stable magnetic equilibria in barotropic stars.
Dipanjan Mitra   On the Adiabatic walking of radio waves in pulsar magnetosphere
Alexander Mushtukov   X-ray pulsars: on the verge of a final understanding
Jerome Petri   Towards general-relativistic pulsars magnetospheres
Alexander Philippov   Recent advances in modeling pulsar magnetosphere
Marco Pierbattista   Radio and gamma-ray light-curve morphology of young pulsars: comparing Fermi observations and simulated populations
Maura Pilia   Low-frequency evolution of pulsar profiles with LOFAR
Sergei Popov   Radiotransients and neutron stars
Bettina Posselt   Geminga and PSR B1055-52: similar pulsars, different PWNe
Konstantin Postnov   Nature of bright flares in Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
Lev Pustil'nik   Spin evolution of pulsars challenges conventional accretion scenarios
Blagoy Rangelov   The far-UV bow shock of the nearest millisecond pulsar J0437-4715
Andreas Reisenegger   Magnetic field evolution in neutron stars
David Russell   Jets launched from accreting neutron stars: their power and their magnetic fields
Yuri Shibanov   Gamma-ray pulsars in the optical and infrared
Valery Suleimanov   Spectra of rapidly rotating X-ray bursting neutron stars
Andrey Timokhin   Plasma generation in pulsar polar caps: a modern view
Roberto Turolla   The variable X-ray emission of PSR B0943+10
Yury Uvarov   A model of gamma ray flare generation in PWN
George Younes   Spectral evolution of magnetar bright bursts
Guobao Zhang   Strong evidence for a link between coherent oscillations and the apparent emission area during the thermonuclear bursts

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