Numerical tables for three relativistic mean-field models
of nucleon-hyperon matter: 
 GM1A, GM1'B, and TM1C.

 For a detailed description of the files see the paper by Gusakov, Haensel, and Kantor:
"Physics input for modelling superfluid neutron stars with hyperon cores",
MNRAS 439, 318 (2014). It can be downloaded here.

(1) Equation of state and particle number densities:
files GM1A.dat, GM1'B.dat, and TM1C.dat.

(2) Meson fields as functions of baryon number density:
files GM1A_Fields.dat, GM1'B_Fields.dat, and TM1C_Fields.dat

(3) Adiabatic indices (equilibrium, partly frozen, and frozen):
files GM1A_gamma.dat, GM1'B_gamma.dat, and TM1C_gamma.dat.

(4) Landau effective masses for baryons:
files GM1A_Mass.dat, GM1'B_Mass.dat, and TM1C_Mass.dat.

(5) Landau  Fermi liquid parameters F_0^ij:
files GM1A_F0.dat, GM1'B_F0.dat, and TM1C_F0.dat.

(6) Landau  Fermi liquid parameters F_1^ij:
files GM1A_F1.dat, GM1'B_F1.dat, and TM1C_F1.dat.

(7) Entrainment matrix Y_ij for baryons at zero temperature:
files GM1A_Entr.dat, GM1'B_Entr.dat, and TM1C_Entr.dat.

All these files as a single zip archive can be downloaded here.