On the possible anisotropy of the Unruh radiation. Part II: Massive scalar field in (3+1)D space-time

E. E. Kholupenko

Ioffe Institute, Polytekhnicheskaya 26, 194021 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Unruh effect for massive scalar field in (3+1)D space-time is considered in the case of accelerated motion with certain beginning moment. The stationary energy-angular distribution of the corresponding Unruh radiation to be observed by the two-opposite-horn antenna is obtained. It is shown that this distribution is significantly anisotropic and the Unruh radiation cannot be considered as thermal (equilibrium) radiation. Also it is shown that Fulling modes are not completely relevant wave-functions for description of particles in semi-eternal Rindler space-time. More appropriate candidates are suggested for this aim.

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