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Neutrom Star Atmosphere Models

constructed at the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics
of the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The Atmosphere Models are developed and computed by George Pavlov, Yura Shibanov and Vyacheslav Zavlin since 1991. The archive is under construction and in this version we present only a part of the data we have computed. We plan to place more data in the archive later. Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please contact Yura Shibanov (shib@stella.ioffe.rssi.ru). If you find this server helpful, and use the data retrieved through the server for your research, we would appreciate acknowledging it in your papers.

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Created September 24 1996

Last Updated March 22, 2000

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This electronic archive project is partially funded by the Russan Foundation for Basic Research, grant number 96-07-89305.