International Workshop

Rydberg excitons in semiconductors

25-26 of May 2017, St.-Petersburg, Russia



M.A. Semina, M.M. Glazov (Ioffe Institute, Russia),

M. Bayer (TU-Dortmund, Germany), S. Scheel (Rostock University, Germany)

Excitons, bound pairs of electrons and holes, are the semiconductor equivalents of positronium and can be excited into Rydberg states like most hydrogen-like atomic systems if the semiconductor crystal is of high quality. In the model semiconductor system of Cu2O, where the excitons were first discovered back in the 1950s at the Ioffe Institute by Gross and Karryev, states with principal quantum number up to n=25 could be reached in experiment. Compared to cold atoms, the exciton Rydberg energy ~90 meV is small and provides the opportunity to address all states from the first excited state of the system up to the ionization threshold using a single tunable laser, which opens up the path towards systematic investigation of scaling laws of the properties of Rydberg systems with respect to the principal quantum number. Also other characteristic properties of Rydberg systems like Rydberg blockade can be reproduced in the exciton system.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different countries working in the field of Rydberg excitons in cuprous oxide and other semiconductors and discuss the most topical problems in the field.

List of speakers and program in PDF:

- Alexander Kaplyanskii, Ruben Seisyan (Ioffe)

                            “Earlier excitons in Cuprous Oxide”

- Frank Schweiner, Jörg Main (Stuttgart)

“Theory of Excitons in Cuprous Oxide”

- Peter Grünwald, Stefan Scheel (Rostock)

“Interacting Rydberg excitons”

- Thomas Pohl (MPI Dresden)

“Quantum Nonlinear Optics with Rydberg atoms and Rydberg excitons”

- Matthew Jones (Durham)

“Towards Rydberg quantum optics with excitons”

- Julian Heckötter, Marc Assmann, Manfred Bayer (Dortmund)

“High resolution spectroscopy on Rydberg excitons”
“Quantum chaos with Rydberg excitons”

  1. -Marina Semina, Mikhail Glazov (St. Petersburg)

                                “Scaling laws of Rydberg excitons in Cu2O”

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Workshop starts at 15h45m on May, 25th


The talks will take place at Ioffe Institute

Polytekhnicheskaya 26 (Metro Polytekhnicheskaya - Политехническая)

The accommodation of participants will be at the guest house of Academic University: Khlopina 8/3 (Metro Polytekhnicheskaya - Политехническая or Ploschad’ Muzhestva - Площадь Мужества)

Map of metro (link to interactive map) and local map  (link to interactive map)

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Local contacts:

Mikhail Glazov, Ioffe Institute, 26 Polytechnicheskaya str., 194021, St.-Petersburg, Russia


The workshop was partially supported by:

ICRC TRR-160 Joint project between RFBR and DFG.

Coherent manipulation of interacting spin excitations in tailored semiconductors