Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, February 25–28, 2011 tatjana.tisnek@mail.ioffe.ru
Physica of Dielectrics 2009, XII International Conference
  St Petersburg, May 23–26, 2011 psme@herzen.spb.ru
Nitrides of Ga, In, Al: Structures and Devices, 8th Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, May 26–28, 2011 lundin.vpegroup@mail.ioffe.ru
Spin Waves 2011, International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 5–11, 2011 pisarev@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 18th International Symposium
  Ekaterinburg, June 20–25, 2011 maria_sudenkova@edu.ioffe.ru
Spin Electronics and Photonics, Topical Meeting, Russian–Japanese Seminar
  St Petersburg, June 25–26, 2011 m.limonov@mail.ioffe.ru
Advanced Carbon Nanostructures, Joint International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 4–8, 2011 AlexanderVul@mail.ioffe.ru
Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures, Conference/School of Young Scientists
  St Petersburg, July 4–8, 2011 ACN2011@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics of Neutron Stars, International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 11–15, 2011 kam@astro.ioffe.ru
Atomically Controlled Surface, Interfaces and Nanostructures, 11th International Conference
  St Petersburg, October 3–7, 2011 nfo@acsin11.com
Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb), Conference of the Young Scientists of St Petersburg
  St Petersburg, October 26–27, 2011 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Physical Problems of Hydrogen Energy 2011, 5th Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, November 21–23, 2011 eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Ioffe Institute, Events 2012
Ioffe Institute, Events 2012
Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, February 24–27, 2012 tatjana.tisnek@mail.ioffe.ru
Relaxor ferroelectrics 2012, International seminar
  St Petersburg, June 1–2, 2012 sergey.lushnikov@mail.ioffe.ru
White nights of computational neuroscience, School–Seminar
  St Petersburg, June 1–2, 2012 anton.chizhov@mail.ioffe.ru
Fundamentals of Electronic Nanosystems,
Advanced Research Workshop "NanoPeter-2012"
  St Petersburg, June 23–29, 2012 ven.kozub@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 20th International Symposium
  Nizhny Novgorod, June 24–30, 2012 maria_sudenkova@spbau.ru
Physics of Strength and Plasticity of Materials, International Conference, XX St Petersburg Lectures on the Strength Problems Dedicated to the Founder of Reading Prof. V.A. Likhachev
  St Petersburg, July 2–4, 2012 vladimir.betekhtin@mail.ioffe.ru
Amorphouse and Microcrystalline Semiconductors, VIII International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 02–05, 2012 Eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Low Temperature Physics, XXXVI Meeting
  St Petersburg, July 2–6, 2012 r.parfeniev@mail.ioffe.ru
Silicon 2012, IX International Conference and VIII School for Young Scientists
  St Petersburg, July 9–13, 2012 secretary@si2012.org
Spin-Optronics, International School
  St Petersburg, July 10–14, 2012 spin2012@mail.ioffe.ru
Growth of III-Nitride, 4th International Symposium
  St Petersburg, July 16– 19, 2012 ISGN4@mail.ioffe.ru
Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, 9th European Conference
  St Petersburg, September 2–6, 2012 Shura.Lebe@mail.ioffe.ru
High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging , 11th European Biennial Conference
  St Petersburg, September 15–20, 2012 r.kyutt@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb), Conference of the Young Scientists of St Petersburg
  St Petersburg, October 24–25, 2012 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Lasers: Physics and Technology, 3rd Symposium
   St Petersburg, November 13–16, 2012 Tarasov@hpld.ioffe.ru
Physical Problems of Hydrogen Energy 2012, 8th Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, November 19–21, 2012 eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Thermoelectrics and their Applications, International Workshop
  St Petersburg, November 25–26, 2012 lidia.lukyanova@mail.ioffe.ru