Tuesday, 9:00 13:00

Session 1, Chair B.Skews

1. G. Ben-Dor Hysteresis phenomena in the reflection of shock waves

2. Open discussion on the topic

3. R. Paton, M. Whalley, B. Skews Mutual reflection of conical shock waves in a supersonic flow

4. S. Kobayashi, T. Adachi Experiment on the stability of oblique shock reflection in the dual-solution regime

5. E. Timofeev, A. Hakkaki-Fard On unsteady shock reflections from convex circular surfaces


Session 2, Chair F.Seiler

1. D. Igra, O. Igra Various Options for Achieving Significant Shock/Blast Wave Mitigation

2. S. Wiri, C. Needham Reconstruction of IED Blast Loading to Personnel in the Open

3. V. Eliasson, Qian Wan Shock mitigation in ducts using obstacles placed along a logarithmic spiral

4. M. Liverts, O. Ram, O. Sadot and G. Ben-Dor Mitigation of Blast Waves by Aqueous Foam Barriers - Implementation of the Exploding Wire Technique

5. R. Tosello, H. J. Duval, D. Leriche et al. Numerical and experimental investigation of reflected and refracted blast waves

Tuesday, 14:20 18:30

Session 3, Chair O.Igra

1. S. Bobashev, B.Zhukov, R.Kurakin et al. Specific features of shock-compressedgas flows in railgun channels

2. H. Yoshioka, H. Otsu Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Testing for Investigation of the Attitude of the Ballute

3. R. Buttay, P.J. Martinez Ferrer, G. Lehnasch, A. Mura Simulations of highly underexpanded jets

4. M. Silnikov, M. Chernyshov, V. Uskov Overexpanded jet flow analysis in the vicinity of the nozzle lip

5. V. Uskov, P. Mostovykh The gas flow in the vicinity of thecenterof a centered expansion wave


Session 4, Chair S. Kobayashi

1. H. Oertel Sen., F. Seiler, J. Srulijes Noise of supersonic jets produced by shock/vortex interaction

2. J. Ryu, D. Livescu Turbulent Vortex Dynamics across a Normal Shock Wave

3. T. Ukai, K. Ohtani, S. Obayashi Experimental Investigation of Weak Shock Wave Propagating through Turbulent Medium in Controlled Humidity Field

4. L.A. de Oliveira; L.R. Cancino; A.A.M. Oliveira. Shock Wave - Boundary Layer Interaction: A CFD Analysis of Shock Wave Propagation in Shock Tube Experiments

5. A.Sakurai, M.Tsukamoto Generation of wave from a wall surface by changing its temperature

Wednesday, 9:00 13:00

Session 5, Chair I. Krassovskaya

1. B. Skews, J. Bentley Flows from two perpendicular shock tubes with a common edge.

2. A. Sasoh, T. Tamba, N. M. Nguyen et al. Shock Wave Interaction Experiments Using Double-Driver Shock Tube

3. E. Koroteeva, I. Znamenskaya, F. Glazyrin, N. Sysoev Numerical and experimental study of shock waves emanating from an open-ended rectangular tube

4. L. Gvozdeva, S. Gavrenkov, A. Nesterov Dependence of Parameters Across Slip Stream in Triple Shock Wave Configuration on Adiabatic Index

5. N.Petrov, A. Schmidt Effect of a bubble nucleation model on cavitating flow structure in rarefaction wave


Session 6, Chair C. Needham

1. R. Patwardhan, V. Eliasson Numerical simulations of shock wave propagation and fluid-structure coupling in water-filled convergent thin shells

2. N. Apazidis Numerical investigation of shock induced bubble collapse in water

3. Y. Kai, B. Meyerer, W. Garen, U. Teubner Experimental investigation of laser generated shock waves and the onset of evaporation in a mini-shock glass tube filled with water

4. H. Yamamoto Micro underwater shock waves generated by irradiations of Q-switched Ho:YAG laser beams

5. Z. A. Walenta, A. M. Slowicka Structure of shock waves in molecular liquids - influence of moments of inertia of molecules

Wednesday, 14:20 18:30

Session 7, Chair G. Ben-Dor

1. F. Alzamora Previtali, E. Timofeev On shock reflection from the straight wedges with circular concave tips

2. O.Ram, M.Geva, O.Sadot High spatial and temporal resolutions experimental shock-tube system for studying transient shock reflections

3. F. Gnani, H. Zare-Behtash, K. Kontis Shock wave diffraction phenomena interacting with a supersonic co-flow

4. A. Baryshnikov, I. Basargin, S. Bobashev et al. Peculiarity of shock wave propagation in glow discharge plasma

5. V. Uskov, P. Mostovykh The flow unevennesses in the vicinity of shock waves and tangential discontinuities


Session 8, Chair A. Sasoh

1. Y. Kikuchi, N. Ohnishi, K. Ohtani Experimental demonstration of bow-shock in stability and its numerical analysis

2. O. Azarova Supersonic flow control via combining energy sources

3. K. Takayama, H. Yamamoto, A Abe Shock Standoff Distance over Blunt Bodies Projected at Supersonic Speed into Air, Water and Sand Layer

4. E. Pushkar, A. Korolev Impact of the interplanetary magnetic field on collision of solar wind and Earth's bow shocks

5. S. Berger, O. Sadot, G. Ben-Dor Numerical Investigation of Shock-Wave Attenuation by Dynamic Barriers

Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00

Session 9, Chair B.Skews

1. M. Geva, O. Ram and O. Sadot Examination of parameters influencing the non-stationary hysteresis reflection phenomenon

2. Round-table discussion

Friday, 9:00 13:00

Session 10, Chair K. Takayama

1. Shi Qiu, V. Eliasson Numerical simulations of shock wave amplification using multiple munitions

2. A. Gerasimov, S. Pashkov Modelling of shock and explosive destruction of constructional element: three-dimensional statement and probabilistic approach

3. R. Cayzac, E. Carette, T. Alziary de Roquefort Gun muzzle blast waves: computations and experimental validations

4. S. Sembian, N. Tillmark, N. Apazidis Shock Generation and Propagation in Water by Exploding Wire Technique

5. M. Silnikov, M. Chernyshov, A. Mikhaylin Incident and reflected blast wave parameters at the diminished ambient pressure according to ICAO regulations


Session 11, Chair N. Apazidis

1. M.G. Omang, J.K. Trulsen Shock interactions with reacting and non-reacting particles

2. D.I. Zavershinskiy, N.E. Molevich The formation of a magnetoacoustic self-sustained shock pulses in a thermally unstable medium

3. H. Otsu, T. Abe Thermochemical non-equilibrium phenomenon behind the strong bow shock for reentry vehicles

4. S.N. Martyushov Numerical simulation of reactive gas mixes flows in the detonation engine

5. O. Kunova, E. Nagnibeda, I. Sharafutdinov Vibrational-chemical coupling in air flows behind shock waves

Friday, 14:30-15:30

Session 12, Chair A.Podlaskin

1. M. Onofri, R. Paciorri, A. Bonfiglioli An unsteady Shock-fitting technique for unstructured grids

2. Z.Jiang, Z. Hu Investigating into high-temperature flows behind strong shocks

3. O. Penyazkov, N. Fomin, N. Bazylev Turbulence diagnostics with shocks by speckle tomography

4. A. Hadjadj. Concluding remarks