Boris P. Konstantinov
B. P. Konstantinov, photo Boris Pavlovich Konstantinov is an author of distinguished works on acoustics (reverberation, sound reflection, musical acoustics, nonlinear acoustics). He headed special studies of light isotopes' separation (method of electrophoresis), resulting in the most advanced technology of thermonuclear fuel processing and in the establishment of the fuel industry (methods of fuel refining and analysis, chemical reactors).
His pioneering works in corpuscular and optical plasma diagnostics gave impetus to a new field of research at the Institute. He brought up experimental astrophysics, search for antimatter, initiated work on holographic data and information processing, and was one of the beginners of gamma-astronomy.
For his distinguished scientific services, he was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1953 and a full member in 1960. In 1967, he was elected Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences.