Elena Yudina     
Junior Scientist

Phone:  +7(812)292 79 17
E-mail:  yudina@mail.ioffe.ru

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ORCID: 0000-0003-2626-3143
WOS Research ID: AAB-5661-2019
Scopus Author ID: 57202129048
РИНЦ ID : 1133905


2016 ‒ 2020     Ioffe Institute, PhD student in Physics, Thesis title: "Self-organization of nanodiamond particles"
2013 ‒ 2015     St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University) Master degree in Physical
                         Chemistry, Thesis title: "Investigation of surface modification of detonation nanodiamond (DND)
                          particles with lanthanoid ions"

Work experience
  • Research Engineer;
  • Synthesis of DND particles with lanthanoid particles;
  • Rotary evaporation of DND suspension under vacuum;
  • Chemical purification of DND and microdiamond suspensions;
  • FTIR spectroscopy techniques and spectra interpretation;
  • Investigation of DND suspensions by dynamic light scattering method, electrophoretic mobility measurements,      conductometry and UV-Vis spectrophotometry;
  • Study of DND and microdiamond powders by X-Ray diffraction and electron paramagnetic spectroscopy.

    Areas of interest:
  • Nanodiamonds of detonation synthesis;
  • Modification of the surface of particles of detonation nanodiamonds by ions of rare earth elements