Organising committee


L. A. Prozorova, Chairwoman (Moscow, Russia)

S. A. Nikitov (Moscow, Russia)

R. V. Pisarev (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Th. Rasing (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)


Program committee


A. I. Smirnov, Chairman (Moscow, Russia))

S. O. Demokritov (Münster, Germany)

Yu. A. Filimonov (Saratov, Russia))

A. A. Mukhin (Moscow, Russia))

V. V. Pavlov (St. Petersburg, Russia))

V. A. Sanina (St. Petersburg, Russia))


Local committee (St. Petersburg)


R. V. Pisarev, Chairman

V. V. Pavlov

V. A. Sanina

P. A. Usachev


In association with Agency

for Science and Technology "Intellect"