UBGP 2019
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 VI International Conference
 Ultrafast BandGap Photonics:
 Dynamics and Metastability of Transient States

 St. Petersburg, Russia





Ioffe Institute
Ferroics Physics Laboratory
Polytekhnicheskaya 26,
St. Petersburg 194021, Russia


19.08.2019 The dates of the conference are shifted to 2020. Exact dates will be anounced later .

09.01.2019 The Workshop website is launched.


Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics and related Ultrafast Dynamics and Metastability of Transient States Conferences were initiated in 2016. The motivation for these Conferences is a growing interest in non-thermal nonequilibrium electronic, magnetic, and optical states induced in condensed matter by ultrashort stimuli, and rapidly expanding applications of such states. The discussed topics range from Floquet-modeled transient topological metamaterials to electronic, magnet and optics transient effects and related energy sources, while the phenomena stretch from photo-induced superconductivity to non-conventional sensing. The Conference builds a bridge between cutting edge modern physics and emerging applications which are desperately in need. Conference is vertically integrated, covering area of interaction of high intensity and relatively low energy pulses with condensed matter, from fundamental physics to practically applicable energy sources, devices and technologies.

First five Conferences were accommodated the United States. Growing number of leading research groups in this field outside USA makes it a right time to broaden the geography of the Conference locations. In September 2019 the UBGP 2019 Conference will be hosted by Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. The objective of this Conference is to present novel theoretical and experimental results, share new ideas, and expand the scope of future research with respect to potential applications and specifically with research results growing all around the Globe.


Abstracts Submission Deadline


On-line registration Deadline

September 1, 2019

Workshop venue

Novotel St. Petersburg Centre Hotel
Mayakovskogo str., 3A


Ferroics Physics Laboratory of the Ioffe Institute
In assotiation with Interregional Innovative Development Center INNO-MIR INNO-MIR
Ferroics Physics Laboratory
E-mail: ferrolab@mail.ioffe.ru
Polytekhnicheskaya 26,
St. Petersburg 194021, Russia