Division of Physics of Dielectrics and Semiconductors

Research areas:

  • physics of ferroelectricity and ferroelectric phase transitions
  • physics of magnetism, domain walls, spin waves
  • critical phenomena in magnetic, superconducting and disordered systems
  • optics of solid state, non-linear magneto-optics, electro-magnetooptics, thermo-optics and electro-optics
  • solid-state acoustics
  • electronics of wide-bandgap semiconductors with high-bonding energy
  • diffusion phenomena in semiconductors and defect-structure formation
  • kinetic phenomena in solids at low temperatures in strong magnetic fields under high pressures
  • critical states in Josephson arrays and superconducting nanosystems
  • thermal properties of solids
  • physics of thermoelectrics
  • new methods of thermoelectric energy conversion
  • diffraction methods for studies of real crystals
  • neutron-based research in solids
  • physics of anisotropic materials
  • nanostructures based on 3D-porous matrices and low-dimensional nanocluster systems
  • physics of rare-earth semiconductors
  • mechanical and pressure sensors based on rare-earth materials
  • theory of semiconductors and insulators and complex information systems

Staff: 127 researchers, including 31 Doctors and 58 Candidates of Sciences

Division Officers

Director: Igor' A. Sokolov
Deputy Director: Yurii A. Kumzerov
Executive Secretary: Oleg N. Uryupin