Division of Solid State Physics

Research areas:

  • optical properties and condensed-matter spectroscopy
    (infrared and Raman spectra and scattering, photoluminescence including hot luminescence, optical orientation of charge carries, magnetooptical effects, superlattices and heterojunctions, excitons and related phenomena, impurity and defect absorption in solids)
  • electronic properties and lattice dynamics of solids
    (studies by means of optical, microwave and phonon spectroscopies)
  • photoconduction
  • electron paramagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance
  • phonon and vibrations in crystal lattices
  • narrow gap and vitreous semiconductors
  • kinetic theory (transport phenomena in low-dimensional and mesoscopic systems, non-equilibrium phonons, noise processes and phenomena)
  • phase transitions in solids (metal-insulator transitions)
  • superconductivity
  • data handling and computation
  • mechanics and rheology of solids (fracture and cracks, polymers and plastics, reinforced polymers, and polymer-based composites)
  • physics of crystal growth
  • defects in crystals
  • treatment of materials and its effect on microstructure and properties

Staff: 266 researchers including 61 Doctors and 146 Candidates of Sciences

Division Officers

Director: Yuri G. Kusrayev
Deputy Director: Vladimir A. Zakrevskii
Executive Secretary: Alexander N. Reznitsky