Laboratory life

Vizit to Pskov, Pechory and Izborsk (20-21 sept. 2002) (RUS page)

"How I battled for Taiwan" A. Kovsh (RUS page)

"Sunrise" A. Kovsh (RUS page)

Sergey Mikhrin Ph. D. (16 December 2002)

Alexey Zhukov Doctor's Degree (26 December 2002)

Semiconductor Physics, International School
St Petersburg, February 28 March 3, 2003. (RUS page)

IX Exhibition-Congress "Hi-Tech. Investments. Innovations" ("S-Petersburg Technical Fair")
June 8-11, 2004. S-Petersburg, Russia.

September 28-29, 2004. Moscow Russia.

Elizabeth Semenova Ph. D. (14 November 2005)

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