Mikhail Rakitskii

Mikhail Rakitskii   Mikhail Rakitskii
  Junior researcher
  Ioffe Institute
  Politekhnicheskaya 26
  194021 St.Petersburg, Russia

  Михаил Александрович Ракицкий
  phone:   +7 911 819-83-54
  e-mail:   mixrak@gmail.com


  • Magneto-transport phenomena in semiconductors
  • Theory of spin-related phenomena in nanostructures

Recent publications

  • M. A. Rakitskii, K. S. Denisov, E. Lähderanta, and I. V. Rozhansky,
    Intricate features of electron and hole skew scattering in semiconductors, Phys. Rev. B 106, 085203 (2022)
  • M. A. Rakitskii, K. S. Denisov, I. V. Rozhansky, and N. S. Averkiev,
    Fingerprints of the electron skew scattering on paramagnetic impurities in semiconductor systems, Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 032105 (2021)