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  Ioffe Prize

  O. V. Klyavin, B. A. Mamyrin, L. V. Khabarin, Yu. M. Chernov
The phenomenon of dislocation-dynamical diffusion
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  Frenkel Prize

Yu. G. Kusrayev, A. V. Koudinov
Observation of the new magneto-optical effects in nanostructures by exciton spectroscopy technique
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  Konstantinov Prize

  O. S. Vasyutinskii
Vector correlations and dynamics of the photoprocesses in atmospheric molecules
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  Institute Prizes

  • E. B. Alexandrov, A. S. Pazgalev, A. K Vershovskii
    Application of multi-photon radio-spectroscopy resonances of alkaline atoms for precision measurement of the Earth magnetic field
  • A. V. Goltsev, R. V. Pisarev
    Observation and theory of an interaction between electric and magnetic domain walls in manganites
  • B. T. Melekh, Yu, N, Filin, N. F. Kartenko, V. I. Bakharev, V. V. Popov, Yu. M. Baikov
    Materials of CMR effect - solid solutions Ln(1-x)AIIxMnO3(Ln=La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu; AII=Ca, Sr, Ba): synthesis, crystal growing, properties and features of matrix stabilization
  • D. I. Frolov, G. M. Steblov
    Kinematics of Motion of the Earth's Continents
  • A. Yu. Egorov, A. R. Kovsh, D. A. Livshits, A. E. Zhukov, V. M. Ustinov
    InGaAsN compounds: synthesis, properties and NIR lasers
  • A. Ya. Ender, I. A. Ender
    The structure of the collision operator of the Boltzmann equation and new relationships between its matrix elements
  • T. V. Shubina, V. N. Jmerik, A. A. Toropov, S. V. Ivanov, P. S. Kop'ev
    Excitons and polaritons in GaN epitaxial layers and nanostructures
  • A. A. Klochikhin, S. A. Permogorov, A. N. Reznitsky, I. V. Sedova, S. V. Sorokin, C. Klingshirn
    Optical spectroscopy of ZnCdSe/ZnSe quantum wells with CdSe nano-islands
  • A. V. Rodina
    Effective mass approximation in application to nanostructures: general boundary conditions in multiband kp models and the effect of interfaces on carrier energy spectra
  • P. I. Antonov, S. I. Bakholdin, V. M. Krymov, L. L. Kuandykov, Yu. G. Nosov.
    The solution of a problem of blockless basefaset sapphire ribbons obtaining
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  Young Scientists Awards

  • M. M. Glazov
    Effect of electron-electron interaction on spin relaxation in semiconductors
  • L. Ya. Karachinsky, I. I. Novikov
    Experimental and theoretical investigation of the superradiance phenomenon in semiconductors and its evidences in temporal, spatial and spectral characteristics of low-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures emission
  • H. B. Kryzhanovskaya, A. G. Gladyshev, S. A. Blokhin, E. S. Semenova, A. P. Vasil`ev, E. V. Nikitina
    Formation, optical and structural properties of InAs quantum dots grown in InGaAs metamorphic matrix on GaAs substrate
  • A. Yu. Popov, E. N. Tregubova, B. O. Yakovlev
    Theory of microwave diagnostics of plasma turbulence
  • A. S. Gurevich
    Anisotropy of optical constants of ZnSe/BeTe heterostructures without common atom in interface
  • E. Yu. Kumzerova
    Numerical simulation of nucleation and bubble dynamics effect on fluid flow in case of rapid pressure variation
  • R. A. Sergeev
    The simplest electron-hole complexes in the system with the spatially separated carriers

    Encouragement prizes

  • I. I. Novikov, L. Ya. Karachinsky
    Electroluminescent study of low-temperature characteristics of 1.3 m lasers grown on GaAs substrates
  • A. V. Chernyaev
    Superconducting properties of Indium-Opal nanocomposites
  • D. V. Shakura
    Superconductor - insulator transition in PbSnTe:In
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