Prize of Scientific Council Institute Prizes

Prize of Scientific Council

B. B. Krichevtsov and R. V. Pisarev
Nonlinear optics of magnetics
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Institute Prizes

A. V. Kavokin and A. I. Nesvizhskii
Exciton oscillator strength in type I and type II semiconductor heterostructures
E. L. Ivchenko, D. N. Mirlin, V. F. Sapega, A.  A. Sirenko, T. Ruf, M. Cardona and K. Ploog
Spin-flip Raman scattering in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum wells
S. A. Basun, A. A. Kaplyanskii and S. P. Feofilov
The structure of impurity centres and new effects in optical spectra and photoconductivity of doped insulators (Li2Ge7O15 containing 3d3 ions)
I. L. Aleiner, A. Yu. Kaminski and R. A. Suris
Theoretical investigation of elementary processes in the MBE growth of semiconductor heterostructures
E. M. Drobyshevski, B. G. Zhukov, S. I. Rozov, R. O. Kurakin, V. A. Sakharov and A. M. Studenkov
Electromagnetic launch efficiency increase in a simple railgun with compact plasma armature
K. D. Moiseev, O. G. Ershov, M. P. Mikhailova, G. G. Zegrya and Yu. P. Yakovlev
Coherent emission (lambda = 3-4 micrometer) of a laser structure based on a type II broken-gap p-GaInAsSb/p-InAs heterojunction
G. G. Zegrya, D. K. Nelson, A. N. Titkov and P. Voisin
New mechanisms of carrier recombination caused by interaction with sharp heteroboundaries in semiconductor quantum structures
K. Ju. Pogrebitsky, S. G. Konnikov, Yu. N. Yur'ev, I. I. Lodyzhensky, L. A. Backaleinikov and O. A. Usov
New branch in the nondestrictive solid body characterization--x-ray induced electron emission at the absorption edges
V. I. Arkhipenko, V. N. Budnikov, E. Z. Gusakov, N. M. Kaganskaya, K. M. Novik, A. D. Pilia, V. L. Selenin and L. V. Simonchik
Investigation of small scale plasma fluctuations by radar backscattering in the vicinity of the hybrid resonance
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