The Rank Prize for opto-electronics 1998
awarded to
Professor Robert A. Suris

The Rank Prize, the world's most prestigious award in optoelectronics, was bestowed upon Robert Suris at a ceremony at the Royal Society of Medicine held in London in December, 1998. This honor came for his contribution to the invention of the quantum cascade laser, demonstrated at Bell Labs in 1994. The award  cites four physicists, F. Capasso, R. F. Kazarinov  (Bell Labs), J. Faist (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switzerland), and R. Suris (Ioffe Institute). Rank Prizes are given for achievements of "significant benefit to mankind."

The original works on the theoretical prediction of quantum cascade lasers were published by R. F. Kazarinov  and R. A. Suris in 1971-1973.

The full story of the Cascade Laser from the Bell Labs
The Rank Prize Certificate

The Rank Prize Funds were established in 1972 by the late Lord Rank to encourage a greater understanding of the sciences of nutrition and optoelectronics, two areas the British film pioneer believed would be of special interest to mankind.

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