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Robert Arnoldovich Suris

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Robert Arnoldovich Suris was born in Moscow on December 31, 1936. He graduated (1960) from the Department of Theoretical Metallurgy at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. From 1960 he has been working in electronic industry. From 1964 up to 1988 he has been a member of the Scientific staff of Microelectronics Research Center, Zelenograd, Moscow. Simultaneously in 1970 - 1988 he was a lecturer and professor in Physics and Quantum Electronics Department at Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.

He earned scientific degrees: PhD in Solid State Theory from Department of Physics at Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR (1964) and doctor of science in physics and mathematics from Institute of Radiotechnics and Radioengeneering of Academy of Science, Moscow, USSR (1974). In 1988 he joined the scientific staff of the Ioffe Physcial-Technical Institute. Since 1993 till 1999 R. A. Suris was Director of the Solid State Electronics Division at the Ioffe Institute. Since 1988 up to now  R. A. Suris is the Head of the Department of Theoretical Bases of Microelectronics.

In 2001 Robert A. Suris was awarded State Prize of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology that is the highest Russian Scientific award, for For fundamental investigations of the formation processes and the properties of heterostructures with quantum dots and the development of lasers based on these structures
In 1998 Robert A. Suris was awarded with the Rank Prize for optoelectronics.
Since 1997 Robert A. Suris is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

R. A. Suris published about 270 papers in Russian, International and American journals on the theory of electric, photoelectric and optical phenomena in semiconductors, semiconductor structures and devices, the physics of semiconductor lasers, the semiconductors and semiconductor structures characterisation, theory of the microlithography process, the theory of phase transitions, diffusion controlled kinetics and epitaxial growth. He is the author of a book and about 20 inventions in semiconductor technology.

Fields of his research are:

Current positions:

Full Professor, Head of the Department of of Theoretical Bases of Microelectronics at the Solid State Electronics Division at the Ioffe Institute.
Head of the Chair of Solid State Physics of the Physics and Technology Department at St. Petersburg State Technical University.

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