Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other transient sources:
20 Years of Konus-Wind Experiment

22–26 September 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia

Welcome to the "Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other transient sources: Twenty Years of Konus-Wind Experiment".

Ioffe Workshop will be hosted by Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in St-Petersburg, Russia on September 22–26, 2014. The Workshop is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the joint Russian-American Konus-Wind experiment. One session of the Workshop will be devoted to the memory of Professor Evgeny Mazets who was the PI of the Konus-Wind experiment and key person in all other Konus experiments. He passed away on June 2, 2013. On August 14, 2014 he would have turned 85.

Gamma-ray bursts are the most luminous explosions in the Universe, and are thought to be the birth signatures of black holes, arising from both the collapse of massive stars and the merger of compact objects in a binary system. The X-ray and gamma-ray observations from active space mission such as Fermi, Swift, AGILE, MAXI, INTEGRAL, Konus-Wind, Suzaku, NuStar and some others let us to understand better the GRB nature. The Konus-Wind experiment plays his own important role in these observations owing its placement in the interplanetary space with two high sensitivity detectors constantly observing the all sky. The Konus-Wind instrument is also a key vertex of the InterPlanetary Network (IPN).

The list of workshop topics:

  • Overviews and Highlights of current experiments (Konus-Wind, Swift, Fermi, AGILE);
  • Prompt emission processes;
  • Central engine physics and radiation processes;
  • Short GRBs: extended emission, progenitors, relations to gravitational waves;
  • Long GRBs: progenitors, ultra-long GRBs;
  • GRB afterglows and hosts: observations and theory;
  • GRBs and their Supernovae;
  • GRBs as cosmological probes;
  • Very High Energy and Non-Electromagnetic Emissions;
  • SGRs and AXP: observations and theory;
  • Future instruments and GRB experiments.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only with the number of participants strictly limited to 80–100 persons (due to the limited capacity of the venue).

The preliminary information about important dates and deadlines:

  • deadline for submission of registration form and visa documents: May 15, 2014;
  • deadline for submission of abstracts: July 15, 2014.

The conference fee will be 9500 Russian rubles (200 EUR).