Ioffe Institute. Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics
KW-Sun: Konus-Wind Solar Flare Database

The flare on 17 January 2005, 09:42:50 (34970)

KW light curves

Konus-Wind X-ray light curves:

  • ASCII – 3-ch light curve (ASCII format)
  • SAV – 3-ch light curve (IDL SAV format)

Konus-Wind spectral data:

  • PHA-2 – high-energy spectral data
  • RMF-2 – high-energy response matrix
  • ARF – auxiliary response file
  • BGPHA-2 – high-energy background data


  • PHA1 suffers from pileup effect. Contact Konus-Wind team to get corrected PHA1
  • DAMAGED spectral data - PHA1 and PHA2!!!

Data format description