Ioffe Institute
Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics

Laboratory for Experimental astrophysics (LEA) is a part of the Division of Plasma Physics, Atomic Physics and Astrophysics of Ioffe Institute. We study the physical properties of high energy phenomena such as Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), Soft gamma-repeaters (SGR) and Solar flares.

The first Konus-Wind short GRBs catalog

Konus catalog of SGR activity: 1978 to 2000

IPN localizations maps of Konus-Wind short GRBs

The second Konus-Wind catalog of short gamma-ray bursts

The Konus-Wind catalog of gamma-ray bursts with known redshifts

Konus-Wind Solar Flares


22 April 2022: Our laboratory was among the winners of the prize for the best scientific works for 2021 "Unique magnetar flares and their relationship with gamma-ray bursts and fast radio bursts".

13 January 2021: A series of articles devoted to the brightest burst of cosmic gamma radiation GRB 200415A has been published in the world's leading scientific journals. The unusual properties of this event have led several groups of astrophysicists to associate it with a giant magnetar flare in the NGC 253 (Sculptor) galaxy, more than 11 million light-years away from Earth.