Defects in semiconductors

The Group has a broad experience on structural defects and their impact on electrical properties of semiconductor materials, among them growth and processing - induced defects, impurities and impurity clusters in silicon, germanium and silicon-germanium alloys as well a group-III nitrides and related compound materials, defect formation and interaction processes during heat treatment, radiation damage and transmutation reactions.

Group staff

Vadim Emtsev Group Head,
Leading Researcher
Dmitrii Poloskin Ph.D.,
Senior Researcher
Gagik Oganesyan Ph.D.,
Senior Researcher

Contact information

Tel.: +7 (812) 292 7952
Contact person: Vadim Emtsev

Laboratory of nonequilibrium processes in semiconductors
Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Politekhnicheskaya 26,
St.Petersburg, 194021 Russia