Condensed matter theory

Alexander Maslov Head of the group,
Sci.D., Leading researcher, ResearcherID
Vitaly Shchukin Sci.D., Leading researcher
Olga Proshina Ph.D., Senior researcher, ResearcherID
Vladislav Malyshkin Ph.D., Senior researcher
Maria Lifshits Ph.D., Senior researcher, ResearcherID

Welcome to the website of Condensed Matter Theory Group founded by Professor Iya Ipatova (1929-2003) at Ioffe Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Our group's interests focus on understanding the physical processes in semiconductor technology. Our goal is to develop theoretical concepts and computational methods that enable us to optimise the semiconductor growth technology processes.

We develop the ideas of novel nanophotonic devices mainly for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers. VCSELs are semiconductor laser diodes which emit the light perpendicular to the chip surface. They have several advantages over the conventional edge-emitting lasers which makes them highly attractive for applications in optoelectronics. VCSELs can be tested on the wafer, large two-dimensional arrays of devices can be built on a single wafer, and the lower divergence angle of the output beam allows high coupling efficiency with optical fibers.

Another subject of our interest is the optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures with the special interest in polaron effects in the wide bandgap nanostructures. We study the polarization effects of the exciton and calculate polaron energies of electron and the hole; it has been shown that phonon replica spectral lines are well resoled in quantum dot. Effects of Yahn-Teller interaction and surface phonons are considered.

One more area of our interest is energy storage in the systems with nanostructured electrodes materials, such as supercapacitors with graphene-based electrodes. This work includes the study of energy/power limiting effects and degradation dynamics processes.

Our research retrospective

Recent publications


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    Phone: +7 812 292 7397
    Contact person: Alexander Maslov

    Condensed Matter Theory Group
    Laboratory of nonequilibrium processes in semiconductors
    Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Politekhnicheskaya 26,
    St.Petersburg, 194021 Russia