SiGe - Silicon Germanium

Recombination Parameters

Si1-xGex. No data
see also Si(x=0). Recombination Parameters
see also Ge(x=1). Recombination Parameters
SiGe  RemarksReferens
 The longest lifetime of holes tpx 10-7 c   300 K 
Diffusion length Lp = (Dp x tp)1/2 μm c  
 Surface Recombinaton Velocity 1  
 Radiative recombination coefficient B x 10-12 cm3/s  
 Auger coefficient Cn x 10-31 cm6/s  
 Auger coefficient Cp x 10-31 cm6/s  
 Auger coefficient C = Cn + Cp x 10-31 cm6/s